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This sale includes many fine indian artifacts Including; flint arrowheads,slate bannerstones, gorgets and pendants,stone axes and celts, along with pipes, birdstones, and other ceremonial items.

 In this auction we will be selling select items from The Robert Converse Collection. This will be items exclusively from his collection. This auction is part #3 of six auctions. This is an ABSOLUTE AUCTION, no reserves or buy backs, everything will sell to the highest bidder. Bob collected for oner 70 years and was editor of for the Archaeology Society of Ohio for more than 30 years. Most items in this sale are pictured in the ASO Journals or one of his books. 

This is a live internet auction. Internet pictures and bidding will be through Proxibid. We will be taking absentee bids and on some items, we will take phone bids on a first come first serve basis. Please try to get your bids to me before noon the Wednesday before the auction. This way I can be sure the bid is scheduled for you. You can contact me at;

Mick Van Steen at 937-766-5411 or MVSROCKS@AOL.COM



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Also, Books are now available of the Robert N Converse Collection. They will be for sale at the Converse Auctions and selected shows.

This publication is a full color 260 page, Hard cover book containing the majority of The Robert N Converse Collection and includes his limited catalog

Regular Edition is $100.00 

Shipping is $10.00 per book

Both books have the same content.

For Traditional ordering:

Checks can be sent to;

Mick VanSteen

5303 Wildman Rd.

Cedarville, Ohio 45314


contact at Email;





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